Bircher Reglomat | 18.08.16


The new color variant for CareMat

Bircher Reglomat | 02.09.16

The new ProLoop Lite – Sometimes less is more

Bircher Reglomat presents new loop detector

Bircher Reglomat | 11.07.16

ArtMotion 2 Microwave Motion Detector

The ArtMotion 2 is particularly suited to high and wide doors. The sensor is very versatile and...







Welcome to Bircher Reglomat

Bircher Reglomat is the motion and presence sensor specialist for the automatic pedestrian door, machine safeguarding, industrial door/gate, and mass transit markets. 

Our product line includes a variety of high-quality sensors utilizing microwave, active infrared, passive infrared and combination technologies. Some of our familiar top-selling brand names include Hercules, PrimeTec, PrimeMotion, PrimeScan, TopScan, Reflex, SpotScan, ProLoop and ClickLine. Whether pressure-sensitive or contact-free, our innovative products set the standards of tomorrow. We make sure you are on the way to a safer and more comfortable future. 

  • Sensors for Automatic Pedestrian Sliding Doors

    Bircher Reglomat's line of sensors for automatic pedestrian doors ensure safe & reliable activation

  • CareMat® Sensors for Healthcare

    The CareMat® is a pressure-sensitive sensing mat designed to protect people with dementia and who are prone to falls.

  • Safety Mats for Machine Safeguarding

    For protection of people around machinery, robots & other hazardous areas

  • Sensors for Parking Solutions

    Bircher Reglomat offers a full ground loop detection solution including pre-assembled loops and detectors

  • Sensors for Public Transit Safety

    Bircher Reglomat's sensing edge technology keeps public transit passengers safer

  • Sensors for Automatic Industrial Overhead Doors

    Activation sensors, safety edges, loop detection & wireless transmission systems from Bircher Reglomat keep industrial doors operating safely & efficiently

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